Raise more funds for your booster club with less effort.

BoosterAid is a simple customer and sales campaign management tool for sports and activity booster clubs.

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Repeat Customers

Maintain your customer contact information in an intuitive and secure manner. Each member of your team or club is associated with their customers allowing easy repeat sales. When members leave or graduate, BoosterAid helps transfer their customers to incoming members thus keeping your loyal customers engaged for years!

Campaign Reports

See the status of your booster club's campaign sales as they happen. Allow team members to enter and edit their sales and see reports of their sales totals. Booster club administrators can see campaign summaries and manage submitted payments on a per-member basis.

Dynamic Leaderboard

Add some healthy competition to your booster club sales campaign through a dynamically updated leaderboard. Allow your team or club members to compete for rewards based on sales success. BoosterAid displays individual and campaign progress through easy-to-read charts!